Friday, November 6, 2015

EU lost it's mind with cookies

Are you fed up with the silly bothering and idiotic notices "This web site uses cookies, you have been warned" over and over again? I would say that it's really badly implemented almost everywhere and I can understand that. Nobody wants to spend money and programmers' time on this crap.

So I suggest to change the note: EU imposed a new obligation for us to bother you with cookies. We think that it is nonsense but we have to comply: Please note this web site might use cookies to store data, jabber jibber, lot of data etc. If you want us not to bother you with obligatory EU crap vote against EU, whatever it might mean in your particular country. They deserve nothing less than being de-funded, thrown out from their nice warm offices into the real world and they have to be kept away from any possibility to mess up with our lives forever.